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          Anway Engineering was established in 1982 with the aim of supplying state of art ventilation and related fire / smoke control equipment to Hong Kong, Macau and China.

In 1983, we introduced the first in-line duct fan driven by external rotor motor to the Hong Kong market, which has now become a very popular type of fans in every building.

In 1985 when smoke control system for fire safety was still in discussion around the world, we introduced the first fire / smoke dampers to UL555S standard to Hong Kong. With the increasing awareness on the importance of air cleanliness in both indoor and outdoor environment, we have expanded our line of representation to include full range of air filtration and purification products.

          In recent years, the Government has put heavy emphasis in energy efficiency. The presence of air and dirt in hydronic system has a significant impact to the efficiency and life of heat exchanging equipment. In view of this, we brought to the market in year 2000 an innovated deaerator / dirt separator that could both effectively vent the micro bubbles and filter minute particles out of water. Laboratory and healthcare safety was of great concern, we introduced the venturi valve system for laboratory and hospital ventilation in year 2000 which has now become the standard design practice.

          Sustainable building is a recent design trend and IEQ (Indoor Environment Quality) is an important part of it. We brought to the market in 2010 an innovated real-time IEQ monitoring system using central sensor suite and micro-tubing that could measure different parameters in space to the requirements of LEED and WELL standard.


          Anway Engineering has a strong sales force backed up by experienced professional engineers that could provide design assistance to engineers. You can rely on us for the supply of complete systems on:

-   All Ventilation System
-   Air Filtration and Purification

-   Fire Smoke Control

-   Air / Dirt Separation

          We are committed to bringing in innovated technology that could benefit the local HVAC industry and the environment.


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