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Ventilation Fans

Ventilation Fans


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Since the establishment of the company in early 70’s, 'Elta Fantech' has been at the forefront of fan technology by developing and implementing new and innovative solutions for virtually every air movement and ventilation application.

'Elta Fantech' is part of the 'Elta Group' (UK) and has substantial presence in the Asia market with more than 20 agencies.

Major Product List

  • Axial Fans

  • Smoke Extraction Fans

  • In-line Duct Fans

  • Centrifugal Fans

  • Roof Extractor

  • HVLS Fans


witt & Sohn.png

'Witt & Sohn' was founded in Germany in 1945 and is a leading manufacturer in Europe for tunnel ventilation fans and jet fans. The unique design of axial fan blades with steel skeleton (resemble Christmas tree) and outer cast aluminium provides excellent strength even at high temperature as experience in smoke extraction application.

Major Product List

  • Tunnel Axial Fans

  • Jet Fan, Banana®Jet Fan

  • Smoke Extraction Fans



'Vortice' was establish in Milan since 1954, the 'Vortice' name has become synonymous with ventilation, air conditioning, air cleaning and heating for residential and commercial market.

As the European market leader, 'Vortice' operates on three continents : Europe, Asia and South America with own subsidiaries dealers in more than 90 countries.

Main Product List

  • Window & Wall Mounted Fans

  • Bathroom Ceiling Ventilators

  • Convector Heater

  • Electrostatic Air Cleaners

  • Dehumidifier



The founder, Mr. J. H. Ahn, of Sewon was one of the pioneer in development of Carpark Ventilation Induction System in Korea in Mid 70’s. The company was set up in 1990 to produce carpark jet fans which eliminate the need of bulky ventilation duct. The product range expanded to cover a full range of ventilation fans for both commercial and industrial application.

Main Product List

  • Ducted Jet Nozzles System

  • Ductless Jetvent System

  • Long Fan System

  • Hanger Fans



Founded in 1972 in Italy’s Friuli-Venezia Giulia in North-eastern Italy, 'Comefri' has grown to be a dominant world-class manufacturer of centrifugal fans. 'Comefri' has two main manufacturing plants in Italy. The fully registered fan testing laboratory in Artegna can carry out air performance and noise tests according to the latest international standards.

In early year 2000, 'Comefri' has set up a regional office and factory in Guangzhou China to provide fast delivery to the meet increasing demands of the Asia market.

Main Product List

  • Commercial and Industrial Centrifugal Fans

  • Plenum Fans

  • Available in DIDW/SISW type

  • Direct-driven or Belt-driven type



Huerner – Funken is the main plastic fan manufacturer in Germany. In early 2000, Huerner-Funken set up a new factory in Malaysia to handle the Asia business. Huerner-Funken is capable in design and production of plastic fans used in the extraction ventilation system of acid and alkaline fumes as well as corrosive, oxidative and aggressive gases.

Main Product List

  • All Type of Theromplastic Fan

  • All Type of FRP Fans

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