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Air Filtration & Purification

Air Filtration & Purification


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'Air Quality' was established in 1973 and has extensive experiences in design, development and manufacturing of Air Filtration System for industrial, commercial and healthcare application.

Electrostatic Precipitator provides superior performance than conventional mechanical filter in dust and grease removal efficiency. Nowadays, Electrostatic Precipitators are widely used in kitchen exhaust to remove cooking grease and odour to meet local FSD and EPD requirements.

Major Product List

  • Electrostatic Precipitator, Optional Auto Wash facility

  • Tobacco Smoke Air Cleaners

  • Welding Fume Extractors

  • Isolation Wards HEPA Air Cleaning unit



'Plymovent' develops and manufactures a comprehensive product line which, in a logical and cost effective way, solves many of the environmental problems attached to the modern work place. These products have been specifically designed to increase productivity and reduce costs for ventilation, heating, in the electronic soldering, welding, engineering, plastics, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Major Product List

  • Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System

  • Flexible Arm Fume Extraction System

  • Mobile Fume Extractor

  • Fire Station Exhaust Extraction System



'Hencolin' is one of the major manufacturers of complete range of air filters in Taiwan. Generally, air filters are tested to EN779, ASHRAE52.1 and 52.2 standards. HEPA filters are tested to ASHRAE 52.2 as well as DOP standard and are individually scan-tested for leakage before dispatch. 'Hencolin' filters comply to UL900 and meet the local Fire Services Department’s requirement.

Main Product List

  • Panel Filter

  • Bag, Cartridge Type Air Filter

  • HEPA Filter

  • Activated Carbon Filter



'Ionair' was founded by Mr. Warner Fleischer who is the pioneer of ionization technology for air purification. 'Ionair' air purification system uses bi-polar ionization technology to provide both positive and negative ions for breaking down indoor TVOC and killing germs and viruses to ensure good, healthy in-door environment. The unique control system continuously monitors the in-door air conditions to regulate the +/- ions intensity. The +/- ions are generated by high voltage across the ionization tubes.

Unlike other low cost ionization tubes with short life time, 'Ionair' ionization tubes are manufactured by skillful Swiss craft out of supreme quality quartz which results in a long tube life as high as 10 years. 'Ionair' systems are widely installed at hospitals, office buildings, school classrooms and casinos worldwide.

Main Product List

  • Controllable Bi-polar Ionization Air Purification System

  • Noiseless Air Purifications System



UV Sterilizer is one of the few manufactures in Hong Kong providing high quality UV lights for the local HVAC market. 'UVS' only uses high quality UVC lamps and ballasts supplied by the market leaders in the field. The products are certified by ETL to meet the latest UL Standards for UV light. Being a local company, 'UVS' provides fast delivery, high quality, reliable UV lights and instant after sales services.

Main Product List

  • UVC Lamp System

  • Duct-mounted or AHU mounted

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