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Fire / Smoke Control Sytem

Fire / Smoke Control System

'BLE' (UK)

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'BLE' is the patent owner and leading manufacturer of electrically operated fail-safe smoke curtains and fire curtains. Automatic Smoke Curtains Systems provides an invaluable mean of smoke containment in large open space such as Atria, without compromising the aesthetic appearance. 'BLE' also manufactures fire curtains rated up to 4 hours.

Major Product List

  • Smoke Curtain to BS EN 12101-1 up to 600℃ / 120 minutes and 1000℃ / 60 minutes

  • Fire Curtain to BS EN 1634-1 and BS476 pt.22 up to 240 minutes

  • Meet HKFSD Approval



'Megaflow' is the pioneer in US for development and manufacturing of Fire and Smoke Damper. 'Megaflow' products have a lots of unique features such as the patented knee-action lock that enable tight closure of fire / smoke dampers under high pressure.

Anway introduced the first Fire/Smoke Dampers to Hong Kong in 1985. In subsequent years, In year 2014, 'Megaflow' was acquired by Johnson Tech Air Control Inc in Taiwan and the dampers are now manufactured in Taiwan.

'Megaflow' products meet UL555, UL555S, BS476 Part 20 and HKFSD approval.

Major Product List

  • Curtain Type Fire Dampers

  • Multi-blade Fire/Smoke Dampers


relief damper.png

'Apreco' specialize in the design and supply of environment air pressure control equipment. Application in Hospitals, Clean Rooms, Pressurized Stairwells and Inert Gas Fire Suppression System. 'Apreco' has extensive experience of air flow design in operating theatres, clean rooms and pressurized stairwells. 'Apreco' can provide assistance in project design to ensure the accuracy of room air pressure is achieved.

Main Product List

  • Pressure Stabilizer for Operating Room & Clean Room

  • Pressure Relief Damper for Stairwell Pressurization System

  • Pressure Relief Vent for Room with Gas Flooding System

  • Environment Pressure Monitor

  • Barometric Damper



The unique RESETTABLE bi-metal electro-thermal links were invented by the pioneer in fire/smoke control in US – Mr. Francis McCabe. The links are manufactured by 'PHL' which was later acquired by Globe Technologies. The links are UL33 listed in both Heat and Electric versions. The resettable bi-metal link meets the requirement of Hong Kong Fire Service Department.

Main Product List

  • Re-usable ETL

  • For use in Fire/Smoke Damper, Fire Door, Smoke Vent

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