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Control & IAQ Monitoring System

Control & IAQ Monitoring System 



'Aircuity' is the 20-year industry leader in IEQ monitoring. It’s patented and multiplexed demand control ventilation platform using unique micro-tubing and central sensor suite continuously optimizing ventilation rate and provides intelligence data to a wide variety of constituents. 'Aircuity' system could meet requirements of LEED and WELL for IAQ monitoring.

Major Product List

  • Innovated Real-time IAQ Monitoring System

  • Use Central Sensor Suite

  • Measure Temperature, CO₂, CO, Dew Point, TVOC, Particles



'Ebtron' thermal dispersion airflow measurement system provides precise control of fresh air airflow rate into a building to meet ASHRAE standard 62 (Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality). 'Ebtron' air flow measurement device uses thermal dispersion technology which is much more accurate than conventional pitot array used in ductwork system, and requires much shorter upstream straight duct for accurate performance. 'Ebtron' device can cover a large range of airflow rates and can provide accurate airflow measurement even at very low airflow rate.

Major Product List

  • High Accuracy Air Flow Measurement Devices

  • VAV Box Flow Sensor

  • Building Space Pressure Monitor

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