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Hospital & Laboratory Ventilation System

Hospital & Laboratory

Ventilation System


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'Phoenix Control' is a world-wide recognized leader in the design and manufacturer of precision air flow for critical environment such as, laboratories, vivariums, hospital isolation suites, pharmaceutical process areas, clean rooms and biocontainment facilities etc.

The Accel II Venturi valves is the combination of mechanical pressure independent regulator with high speed position/air flow controller to meet the unique requirements of air flow control in critical environment. 'Phoenix Control' system supplied the first venturi valve system to Hong Kong in early 90 and has now been installed in many universities and hospitals in Hong Kong and Macau.

Major Product List

  • Constant Volume and Variable Volume Venturi Air Valve

  • Laboratory Fume Hood VAV Air Flow Control System

  • Vivarium Air Flow Control System



'Strobic Air' is a recognized technological leader in the air movement industry, specializes in advanced exhaust systems for laboratory fume hoods, public health, government, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial and other process industries.

Major Product List

  • High Plume Exhaust Fans

  • Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems


bubble tight damper 1.png

'EB Air' is the major manufacturer of Bubble-tight Damper in Canada. The dampers meet the rquirements of ASME N-509, N-510 and EN12266-1 & 2 standards. 'EB Air' Bubble-tight Dampers have been installed at many hospitals, clean rooms and laboratories in Hong Kong with satisfactory performance. The unique knee-locking linkage provides trouble-free mechanism to ensure tight closure, maintaining the bubble-tight performance. 'EB Air' also manufactures a full range of ventilation and cooling equipment.

'EB Air' is certified for Quality Assurance to ISO9001 standard and KTA1401 standard (Nuclear Safety standard).

Main Product List

  • Bubble Tight Dampers (For use in Hospital, P3 and P4 Laboratory)

  • Extra Low Leakage Dampers

  • Induction Units

  • Active Chilled Beam


filtration group.png

Founded in 1942, 'Filtration Group' is a North American manufacturer of air filtration products for HVAC, gas turbine, clean rooms, painting shops and filter media markets. The fully-automated processes produce the most technologically advanced filters. The high-tech clean room in the High Purity Products division ensures that the manufacturing environment is free of particulate and molecular contamination.

The filters meet all ASHRAE 52.1 and 52.2 standards on filter efficiency.

Main Product List

  • Full Range of Air Filter

  • Activated Carbon Filter

  • Bag-in Bag-out Filter

  • Isolation Room Containment System



'Apreco' specialize in the design and supply of environment air pressure control equipment. Application in Hospitals, Clean Rooms, Pressurized Stairwells and Inert Gas Fire Suppression System. 'Apreco' has extensive experience of air flow design in operating theatres, clean rooms and pressurized stairwells. 'Apreco' can provide assistance in project design to ensure the accuracy of room air pressure is achieved.

Main Product List

  • Pressure Stabilizer for Operating Room & Clean Room

  • Pressure Relief Damper for Stairwell Pressurization System

  • Pressure Relief Vent for Room with Gas Flooding System

  • Environment Pressure Monitor

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